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Dependable by Nature
Durable by Design

Dependable by Nature
Durable by Design

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01. Mining

we specialize in mining a diverse range of high-quality materials including rocks, base rock, cobble, bentonite, and sand. Our operations ensure the reliable supply of essential resources for various construction and industrial applications.

Our cattle ranching operations are dedicated to raising healthy, high-quality livestock using sustainable and ethical practices. We take pride in providing premium beef products that support our local economy and community.

We cultivate extensive fields of hay and alfalfa, producing nutritious feed for livestock both locally and beyond. Our commitment to quality farming practices ensures the best possible harvests to support the agricultural industry.



Building Your Career

When you start your career with us, you join a family of hard working men and women who value integrity, safety and quality. Our employees are an integral part of our mission, which is to Build a Better Community. As a part of the WCM team, your work matters, and you matter. Come be part of something great.


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