Rock for all Projects

Whether your project is landscaping or construction, we have the perfect solutions with our premium selection of rock. Enhance the beauty and functionality of any outdoor space with our high-quality materials.


Uses and Applications

Landscaping RockWe offer a variety of high-quality rock products for landscaping and construction projects. Our selection includes ConRock, Clean Rock, Round Rock, and Pea Gravel, perfect for all your landscaping needs.

Uses of Our Landscaping Rock

  • ConRock: Ideal for creating durable pathways, driveways, and base layers for construction projects. Its versatility and strength make it a popular choice for both residential and commercial landscapes.
  • Clean Rock: Perfect for decorative landscaping, retaining walls, and drainage solutions. The clean, angular edges of this rock provide excellent stability and an attractive appearance for any project.
  • Round Rock: Commonly used for garden beds, water features, and decorative borders. Its smooth, rounded edges create a natural look that complements any landscape design.
  • Pea Gravel: Great for playgrounds, walkways, and as a base for patios. The small, smooth stones are comfortable to walk on and provide excellent drainage for your outdoor areas.

How to Order

Ordering your landscaping rock from Wyoming Construction Materials is easy. Simply visit our Contact Page or call us at (307) 209-2203 to speak with one of our representatives. 

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Transform your outdoor space with the best landscaping rock from Wyoming Construction Materials. Order today and experience the difference quality materials can make!